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CTE Co., Ltd. offers the world’s best performance HTM Twin Screw Continuous Kneeding Extruder. The continuous multi row rotor screw of the high velocity revolution makes the impossible possible.

High Filler Compound : PP + talc powder(80%)
Flame-Retardant Compound : PP or PE + magnesium hydrate (50~60%)
WPC Compound : PP、PE、ABS、or PVC + wood flour (50~70%)

CTE Co., Ltd. develops extrusion devices for the ecology. We use container wrapping recycling material and constructing waste material along with wood floor in the HTM Twin Screw Extruder to make them into compounds. It also makes it possible to uses IPE Single Screw Profiling Extrusion System to make WPC Products (deck, floor material, louver material, and pillar, etc.)

Patent acquisition: HTM Twin Screw Kneading Extruder/Sheet Extrusion Line by Steel Belt System.

  • 2004~2008 Plastic Exhibitions Lists
    「K-MESSE 2004」
    「IPF 2005」
    「CHINA PLAS 2008」

【Feature】Plastic Age Published in June, 2008.
“The making of WPC Compound and High Speed、High Efficiency WPC Profiling Extrusion”

This is the only place in the world! CTE high efficient HTM twin screw kneading extruder.
A high speed rotor (segment) type twin screw kneader and a single screw extruder are combined to build an extruder of high delivery volume and low temperature extrusion of the latest design quite different from the conventional twin screw models.

Best suited for composite compounding such as rich-filled compounds, master batches, polymer alloys and WPC compounds.

We have test machine set permanently for water ring (water-cooled) type of Hot Cut System. Please try it by all means.
HTM Tandem Compounding Twin Screw Extruder

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